Wall & Ceiling Plasterer - 1st year apprentice

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Location: Australian Capital Territory

Looking at securing a long-term career in the Building industry?  Your apprenticeship is the start of a professional career

HIA have a number of positions for enthusiastic people looking to start or continue their plastering apprenticeship.


Carry out tasks related to the plastering trades, under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson/instructor and consistent with apprenticeship year level. Attend off the job trade school to complete learning and assessment outcomes required for a plastering apprenticeship.


•Apply and fix plasterboard partitions, suspended ceilings, fire rating systems, acoustic tiles, and composite wall linings to buildings, and apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement and similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of structures
•Apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement or similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of buildings.
•Level and straighten corners, angles, and wall and ceiling surfaces
•Clean and prepare surfaces 
•Mix and apply coats of plaster, cement, render or similar materials to walls and ceilings, levelling and smoothing them by using trowels to obtain an even thickness.  Apply finishing coats of plaster to give a smooth finish or decorative texture
•Fix precast cornices and panel mouldings, ceiling centres and other plaster fittings
•Read and working from, plans and specifications
•Use hand tools, e.g. hammers, squares, hand saws, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and levelling devices etc.
•Use power tools, e.g. electric/battery drills, sanders and laser levelling devices
•Use safe and appropriate means to access (both internal and external) for building and construction sites and trade school environments
•Follow appropriate safety practices when using ladders, other access ways, handrails, barriers, scaffolding and mechanical lifts (trained/licensed users only)

•A willingness to develop skills and knowledge in this trade
•Physical fitness and the ability to undertake manual labour for extended periods
•Be a safe confident worker
•Willingness to travel
•CI Card (White Card) (or be willing to obtain prior to starting)
•Enjoy practical and manual work
•Ability to follow instructions and communicate effectively
•Minimum of year 10 schooling
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